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Grus is a genus of large birds in the crane family. The family of cranes has about fourteen different species. They all have individual characteristics that distinguish them from their relatives. One of the most striking members of this family is the eastern crowned crane, which stands out against other birds not only but also in lifestyle.

The bird is 91-104 cm tall, with a wingspan of 183-198 cm and a weight of 3.9-5.2 kg. The plumage of most of the body is black or dark gray; feathers covering the wings and covered the white. The main difference of this species is the presence of a large tuft on the head, consisting of stiff golden feathers, due to which the bird got its name. There are red and white spots on the cheeks, in pairs on each side. This bird is often found in the savanna, but prefers to settle in wetlands near freshwater. At night, the crowned crane is often arranged in the trees, which is generally not accepted among cranes. In search of food, he is able to travel tens of kilometers a day. These cranes are omnivorous birds. Their diet consists of grass, all kinds of seeds and insects, invertebrates and small vertebrates.

Interesting fact

Representatives of the Cranberry family prefer open terrain and more often nest in floodplains of fresh water, in floodplain meadows or swamps.

The homeland birds of the cranberry family is North America, from where through Asia, its representatives have spread to other continents. Now cranes are found everywhere except Antarctica and South America.