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Public offer

Company with limited responsibility ZOO LIMPOPO , in the future

“Performer”, in person Which hole _ which acts on the basis of Charter , on the one hand       and Physical person, in further “C consumer” and/or ” Visitor ” , which purchased or received Input document determined hereby By contract. with the second parties, p usage time _ — “Parties ” , and each o cream o — “Party” , put in this Public Contract manager _ Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine about granting physical persons services with visiting the territory of the zoo ” Limpopo ” , further “Contract”, about the following :

  2. 1..1 . This Contract with public contract in accordance to Art. 633 Central Committee of Ukraine. conditions that ‘s it Agreement are installed the same for everyone physical _ persons besides persons who am i provided valid benefits and a6o other benefits by the legislation of Ukraine , if the effect of such legislation is extended on executor, and conclusion _ this Agreement is considered adoption ( acceptance ) A consumer public offer of the Contractor by purchase or receipt of C by the consumer Entry document, what gives right on visiting the zoo ” Limpopo ” .
    1. Definition term inov, what are used in this Contracts:
      1. 1.2.1.A public offer is an offer Make an executor with him this Agreement, addressed any _ physical and oco would according to Art. 64 1 Civil code of Ukraine.

1.2.2 . Acceptance— granting With a consumer full and unconditional consent To the executor on him proposal enter into this Agreement and fully agree with the seven conditions of this Agreement by acquisition (purchase, acquisition or with help _ _ receiving) A consumer Incoming document a, as well as c will report about that. what Consumer understands meaning _ from your action all conditions Agreement i understand Consumer in , Consumer not located under influence deception , violence , threats i ago similar

1.2.3. Service — service with visiting territory arch zoo “Limpopo » and/or spectacular service zoo , which is provided to the Consumer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement after purchase by the Consumer Incoming document a.

1.2.4 Incoming document – document , which gives the right to visiting the zoo “Limpopo ” – counter and/or invitation and/or ticket a6o another document approved Executor shapes, i am a cue confirms right persons which him represents _ on receiving services, which is the subject this Agreement and document i am a cue released in circulation (issued) Performer or authorized Executor persons Usually form Incoming NTU document the following: counter a6o ticket corresponding color and forms defined Executor

1.2. 5 . Zoop Ark“Limpopo — this private entertainingly -os vitnya institution, what has a conditional name – “Limpopo › and / or Limpopo Zoo , located at the address: Lviv region, Drohobytsky district, village Medenichi, str . Lvivska 21 , where Ltd “ZOO ” Limpopo ” here is new the following species activity (one view or all): exhibiting animals, conducting zoo activities, conducting activities as a nature park, and where are located free will cells with animals and and also others objects _ _ urban planning ;

1.2.6 Parties _ _this aboutAgreement  – Executor _ and Consumption h ;

1.2.7 Site — site executor, what placed _ by address: https://limpopo-zoo.com.ua/

1.3. Bci the terms of the Agreement are set out in this public Agreement (and accordingly in this public offers) is mandatory _ _ for Parties Before the beginning using Services every one Consumer obliged get acquainted with conditions this Agreement and by all rules, which placed (made public) on during to the zoo “Limpopo ” and on site Executor

1.4. If the Consumer does not agree with the terms this Agreement a6o he does not possess the necessary legal capacity, he does not have the right to enter into this Agreement. Accordingly, the Consumer who made the Acceptance, confirms your introduction and consent with by all conditions this Agreement.


2.1 The subject of this Agreement is the legal relationship arising in connection with the acquisition ( by purchase , acquisition a6o others way receiving ) A consumer Incoming document a .

2.2 Under this contract , the Contractor provides Service ( from visiting the territory ” Limpopo ” arch zoo ), and Consumer undertakes , respectively _ to conditions this Agreement pay such service , by payment Incoming document a .

2.3 Payment cost a6o adoption in any _ _ way Incoming document a and / or presentation _ such Entry document a representative of the Contractor to enter the territory of the zoo “Limpopo ” is considered full and unconditional acceptance A consumer terms of this Agreement and certifies consent Consumer conscientiously use rights , and clearly perform duties , _ _ what arise in connection with acquisition Incoming document a and visiting the territory of the zoo arch “Limpopo ” , which laid out in rules placed ( made public ) on site Executor .

2.4 The service is provided by the Contractor on all days of the week ( Monday – Sunday ) during the working hours of the “Limpopo ” Zoo , which are available variable depending on the season . _ The opening hours of the Limpopo Zoo are posted here on informative plates at during to arch zoo “Limpopo ” and on site Executor .

2.5 Executor has right change time work arch zoo “Limpopo ” , about what information is Consumers on informative plates at during to arch zoo “Limpopo ” and on site Executor .

2.6 Executor has right to limit review exposure animals for consumers , if such limitation caused by by necessity animals ( c period reproduction , gave birth feeding newborns , etc. ) a b o in connection _ with technical conditions enclosures a b o cage a b o premises where are animals _

2.7 Consumer confirms Acc eptom , what agrees _ with those _ what Performer not carries responsibility , in that number of financial , in case when the Consumer part a b o completely not saw the exposition of animals in connection with the physiological characteristics of such animals ( animals slept _ do you _ be in their own dens / houses , etc. ) and consumer _ agrees _ _ what Service in such case provided because visiting territory arch zoo “Limpopo ” A consumer happened _

2.8 Consumer confirms By acceptance , what agrees _ with those _ what Performer not carries responsibility , including financial , in the case when the Consumer stroked , fed any _ _ an animal with exposure and like that animal caused damage Consumer .

2.9 Accepting this Contract Consumer confirms _ what realizes : all animals exposure , including domestic animals in contact zoo , is alive creatures _ which have your behavioral characteristics and instincts that can not be controlled People are different , therefore , the Consumer implementing own desire stroke _ feed animals ( animal ), in particular i in contact zoo , realizes risk that _ what can provoke instinctive reaction in an animal and The consumer bears full responsibility volumes for my own health , safety and personal safety _ which accompanies ( the child , groups children etc. ).

2.10 Consumer confirms _ that realizes _ that the administration arch zoo “Limpopo ” does not carry responsibility for the actions of the Consumer and the accompanying person Consumer who provoked aggression any _ _ with animals exposure arch zoo “Limpopo ” .

2.11 Demonstration exposition of animals in internal Vol _ ( placed in buildings ) ends _ by 1 an hour to end time work arch zoo “Limpopo ” .

2.12 Executor mass right to limit review exposures animals for Consumers in internal there are lots ( placed in buildings ), if necessary , for the Executor to comply with the current requirements regulatory – legal Acts of Ukraine .

2.13 The parties have agreed that services provided by third parties on the territory of the zoo “Limpopo ” not is subject this Agreement .


3.1 Executor( him employees )has ( have )right :

3.1.1 for implementation video surveillance throughout the territory of the zoo “Limpopo ” , as well as in administrative and production buildings , what are located on territory arch zoo “Limpopo ” ( vol . erach , cages , pavilions , hangars , etc. );

3.1.2 unilaterally change the mode of operation of the zoo “Limpopo ” a b o limit to consumers review parts territory arch zoo ” Limpopo ” and / or exposure animals ;

3.1.3 . limit access on territory arch zoo “Limpopo ” a b o require keep territory arch zoo “Limpopo ” , in ago number of at availability Incoming document a _ Consumers ( persons ):

  • which obviously _ are in a drunken state condition and / or condition narcotic getting drunk _ _ and / or aggressively configured to others persons ;
  • which have obvious disease dangerous for animals ;
  • with things _ stay with which in public places forbidden _ in ago number of from there are weapons , explosive devices , etc .;
  • children to 14 years without escort adults ;
  • in case violation A consumer conditions installed in this contracts , Rules placed ( published ) _ on site Executor and / or in case violation A consumer public of order
  • in the case of violation A consumer current requirements regulatory – legal Acts of Ukraine , v ago number of sanitary , anti-epidemic , fire protection etc. norms _

3.1.4 . do warning to consumers of non-compliance conditions established by this Agreement , Rules placed ( made public ) on site Executor ;

3.1.5. give by desire consumers , by consent executor , by availability opportunities Executor and by separate fee others services .

3.2 Executorundertakes to :

3.2.1 qualitatively and professionally in accordance to valid legislation to provide service , which is the subject this Agreement according to with hereby By contract ;

3.2.2 to provide consumer are safe conditions stay on territory arch zoo “Limpopo ” , by installation fencing means and information plate _

3.3 Consumerhasright :

3.3.1 on the territory of the zoo “Limpopo ” to use all the rights granted without exception him by legislation with taking into account provisions this Agreement ;

3.3.2 if the Contractor deviates from the terms of this Agreement and the Contractor ‘s fault is documented proven , which worsened the results of the given Services , a b o admitted other shortcomings in the provision Services and it is not caused by the interests of animals , the Consumer has right of your choice require free of charge correction these shortcomings in clever period , or corresponding reduction pay by Service . The size of the reduction pay is determined Parties by mutual consent _

3.4 Consumerhave toThere are : _

3.4.1 . to pay cost Services in deadlines and in size , what provided for ci m By contract ;

3.4.2 pass on territory arch zoo “Limpopo ” only by availability Incoming document , before appearing him authorized person Executor ;

3.4.3 accept services , what is a subject this Agreement ;

3.4.4 adhere to conditions installed hereby Contracts , Rules placed ( made public ) on site Executor and Rules stay on territory arch zoo “Limpopo “

3.4.5 be attentive _ and familiarize yourself before viewing animals with information _ plates , placed on Vol _ and / or cages and / or in premises maintenance animals ;

3.4.6 monitor ( supervise / take care of ) minor children who are accompanied by him with those so that the children do not disturb conditions installed this Agreement , Rules posted ( public ) _ n a site Executor and Rules stay on the territory of the zoo arch “Limpopo ” ;

3.4.7 in none case do not enter and follow in order to minors children , in that number of which are accompanied by him _ did not enter the fenced area places , places where any are held work ( c ago number of i employees Executor a b o the third persons ), in places on whose reported what is it official rooms etc .;


4.1 Information about cost services by hereby By contract I ‘m reporting it to Consumer by information stands. which are located near the cash register arch zoo “Limpopo ” and on the Contractor ‘s website according towith tariffs .

4.2 Provision services by hereby By contract is carried out by previous payment

4.3 To login to the territory arch zoo “Limpopo ” Consumer obliged _ _ to purchase or in any for equestrian way to acquire Input document and before appear him representative performer

4.4 One Input document gives right to one consumer get service with visiting the territory of the zoo arch “Limpopo ” in (by opportunities granting such services) for I (one) day in workers hours arch zoo “Limpopo ” , information about which I ‘m reporting it to Consumer by informative stands, what are located near entrance in Limpopo Zoo and on site Executor

4.5 Bx single document , acquired at the cash desk near the entrance to the Limpopo Zoo is valid forday in which he was acquired.

4.6 Incoming document received / acquired A consumer valid for I th day with mome ntu presentation of the phenomenon him representative Executor for entrance in Limpopo Zoo . Input document may be presented to a representative of the Contractor for entry into the Limpopo Zoo during the period specified on such incoming documents

4.7 In case of (partial or complete) non-receipt of the Service by the Consumer under this Agreement with independent from Executor reasons or in as a result if Consumer was devoid rights further stay on the territory of the Limpopo Zoo in connection _ with violation conditions this contract, cost purchased (purchased) or others way acquired ( acquired ) Incoming document a whether or not _ _ the other compensation — Executor not is compensated .


5.1 Parties are responsible for non -compliance a6o is inappropriate implementation conditions of this Agreement in accordance to this Agreement and valid legislation of Ukraine.

5.2 The parties are not responsible for breach of their obligations under this Agreement , if but it happened not through ï x ‘s fault. The party is considered innocent if she proves that she used them all dependent from her measures for proper implementation his own have to knitting

5.3 Executor not carries responsibility by property and moral damage, what was caused by the Consumer as a result culpable actions of third parties (other Consumers). that are _ simultaneously on territory “Limpopo” Zoo .

5.4 Executor not carries responsibility by property and morality well damage, what was because of _ With consumer _ in as a result disappearance him mine _ under time stay on territory “Limpopo” Zoo .

5.5 Execution no _ not responsible for _ not doing A consumer review of the exposition animals on territory Limpopo Zoo and in case if Consumer visited/was on territory of the ” Limpopo ” Zoo , which is confirmed by the Consumer ‘s purchase of the Entry Document , spectacular service the zoo is considered proper way given Executor

5.6 Executor is not responsible for any damage that was caused by C the consumer in any _ what animal on the territory Limpopo Zoo because of non-compliance A consumer safe distance from such animals

5.7 Parties will be released from responsibility by non -fulfillment a6o inappropriate implementation their own obligations by hereby By agreement, because of circumstances irresistible with or such as: spontaneous disaster , fire.after all _ letrusy land etc), in search actions, revolutions epidemics, or intervention with side competent state bodies changes in current legislation. and also others extraordinary circumstances character, which arose after stacking this contract, and which Parties not could No      predict, No to prevent intelligent measures


6. 1 This Agreement is considered concluded and comes into force from the moment     acquisition/receipt/ acquisition A consumer Incoming of the document .

6.2 Agreement there is an agreement on one working day Limpopo Zoo ( day before phenomenon Incoming document representative Executor).

6.3 Effect of this Agreement prematurely ceases : _

– for consent Parties;

– with others reasons provided for valid legislation of Ukraine and/or this name By contract.

6.4 The performer has right break up present Contract in unilateral of order in case violation himconditions Consumer .

6.5 In cases , not regulated this Agreement Parties are managed valid in Ukraine legislation


7.1. In case occurrence disputes and disagreements on issues _ which constitute subject this Agreement or in connection _ with him, the Parties will use everyone possible measures for ï x solution by negotiations

7.2 If Parties not with can reach consent all since _ and disagreements what hiccups _ at performance this contract, are resolved according to valid legislation of Ukraine.


8.1 Acceptance this Agreement Consumer certifies what:

8.1.1 Consumer acquainted, with conditions this contract, and also with specificity granting services   hereby By contract Executor;

8.1.2 Consumer y are clear all conditions this Agreement;

8.1.3 To the consumer provided by the Contractor all additional the information he wanted to know before    arrangements this Agreement;

8.1.4 Consumer agreed in full volumes with conditions this Agreement.