Red mountain wolf

We are sure that once you meet him, you would not immediately understand who is in front of you: a wolf, a fox or a wild dog. He is as unusual as he is beautiful. Red wolves are very social animals. Friendly behaviors are widespread in their flock.

Red wolves are social animals. These predators are kept in flocks, together they hunt and raise offspring. During the hunt, red wolves prove to be very hardy and tireless pursuers of prey. The red wolf is timid, he avoids meeting people.

Red wolves hunt during the day. They relentlessly pursue their victim until she is exhausted, and then kill her. The main food of red wolves is wild ungulates. The prey of red wolves common in India are deputy bars, buffaloes, wild boars and axes.

They live in South and Southeast Asia.

Body length: 103-112 cm.

Tail length: 45-50 cm.

Height at withers: 43-50 cm

Weight: 15-21 kg.

Interesting Facts

These wolves never attack humans, on the contrary, they try to bypass humans and human habitation.

These are very careful animals with developed eyesight, sense of smell and hearing, and the red wolf runs very fast.

While hunting, it can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

The length of the predator athlete's jump is about 6 meters.