Mountain goats

Mountain goats live in mountainous areas. Agile and hardy animals, able to climb a steep cliff and live on sparse vegetation.

On average, the alpine mountain goat reaches a length of up to 150 cm and a height at the withers of about 90 cm. Females weigh about 40 kg, and males can weigh up to 100 kg. Males have large curved horns up to 1 m long, while females have only short, slightly curved horns.

All goats are typically mountain animals that inhabit hard-to-reach rocky places, steep slopes of cliffs, gorges and avoid large open and flat spaces. Distributed vertically to a height of 5.5 thousand above sea level and more. Perfectly adapted to life in the mountains, with exceptional speed and agility, move on the most inaccessible cliffs.

Found in the mountains of Europe, North Africa, Central and South Asia.

Interesting Facts:

According to many historians, the goat was the first domesticated animal

Goat - one of the purest farm animals. It is more demanding to cleanliness than cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and even dogs.

Goats have rectangular pupils, which allows them to see well in the middle of the night

Goat's milk is really healing for humans. Scientists have proven that people who drink 5 liters of goat's product a year have a reduced chance of developing tuberculosis.

Goats are real delicacies. They love sweet and spicy foods. And they are very sensitive to favorite smells.