Lama guanaco

Lama - a camel of South America. Endemic to the Andean Cordillera Mountains. The llama was domesticated 4,000 years ago by the Incas.

Lama guanaco has a proportionate physique, like a deer, but disproportionately long neck, like a small giraffe. The long neck is a natural balancer, by means of which the animal dampens the load on the legs during sharp height differences while walking. A distinctive feature of guanaco is a long and straight coat, the color of which can be all shades of brown - from cream to dark.

The average body weight of adult males is 125 kg and the body length is about 1.7 m.

Interesting Facts:

Llamas know their own limits. When you try to overload a llama with too much weight, the llama will probably lie down or just refuse to move.

In the Andes of Peru, llama fleece has been sheared and used in the textile industry for 6,000 years.

Llamas are intelligent and easy to train.

Llamas are vegetarians and have efficient digestive systems.

Because they are domesticated animals, llamas do not have conservation status.

They spit, fight and fight to establish social rank and fight predators.

Except for disputes over dominance, they usually do not bite.