Guinea pig

Brazilian guinea pigs are medium-sized animals. They have an almost non-existent tail, which length is only 2.4 mm. Their dorsal fur is dark olive-brown mixed with brown and black. The underparts are a pale gray or yellowish-grey. These pigs have four toes on their forefeet and three toes on their hind feet. Males in this species are larger than females. Brazilian guinea pigs are mainly diurnal creatures. They live in small family groups that consist of one male, one or two females, and they're young. These guinea pigs come out to forage in small groups, mainly early in the morning and in the evening. After that, they seek cover in dense shrubs. They do not dig burrows, but make an intricate maze of surface tunnels that are 8 to 12 cm (3 to 5 in) wide.

Interesting facts:

These animals are crepuscular, which means they tend to be most active around dawn and dusk.

When excited, guinea pigs may repeatedly perform little hops in the air, also known as “pop corning”.

Guinea pigs communicate through a series of squeaks, chirps and purrs.