Gibbon Lara

White-armed gibbon, or lar, is a species of primate in the gibbon family. It is one of the most famous species of the family and is often found in zoos. This is one of the smallest apes. Its average weight is only about 6 kg. Despite its small size, the primate has a relatively developed intellect and outstanding vocal abilities.

His loud singing can be heard in the distance.

A distinctive feature of chests is the presence of white hands. This is how they differ from their closest relatives, the black-armed gibbons, whose hands are black.

Gibbons live in dense tropical forests - up to 2400 m above sea level.

Interesting Facts:

Life expectancy: from 25 to 30 years in the wild, up to 40 years in captivity

Food: omnivorous, feed mainly on fruits and young leaves, also eat insects, eggs of birds and small vertebrates.

Most subspecies of gibbons eat only fruit.

A flock of gibbons consists of a dominant male, a dominant female, cubs, and less dominant individuals. The latter leave the flock at the age of eight.