De Brazza's monkey

De Brazza’s monkey is a large primate, native to Africa. De Brazza’s monkey is so called after a Franco-Italian explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, who established Brazzaville, the capital city of Congo - one of the countries they are endemic to. Although these primates are generally arboreal, they can also spend their time in water and on the ground. When moving around, De Brazza's monkeys use all of their four legs, unlike some monkeys. They are also good swimmers. Juveniles try to imitate their fathers, practicing dominance. The greater part of their active time is spent roaming with arched tails and slamming branches. Meanwhile, the dominant male may sometimes be challenged by another male of the area.

Interesting facts:

De Brazza's monkeys forage in the early morning and evening; they hand-gather fruit, buds, young leaves, flowers and catch lizards.

They live in lowland and submountain tropical moist forest, swamp forest, semi-deciduous forest and Acacia forest.

Humans, other primates, African eagles and leopards are predators. De Brazza's monkeys freeze as a defense mechanism.

These monkeys are territorial and live in small groups.