Collared mangabey

Red-headed mangobey - a fairly large primate: males can reach a weight of 18 kg, females - 12 kg. His coat is short, dark smoky, yellowish-brown face, on his head "cap" of dark brown hair, pink face. Quite large monkeys, with a slender body, long limbs and long tail. Body length 40 - 80 cm, tail much longer, forelegs shorter than hind. There are skin membranes between the fingers. They are common in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Nigeria. These wood primates live in forests mainly in the lower tiers, often found in wetlands. They spend a lot of time on the ground and only during rest or danger climb trees. These primates use trees for food, as a shelter for sleep and protection from predators.

Red-headed mangabey live in groups of 10 to 35 animals. These groups contain several males, and most of them coexist peacefully, there are no signs of dominant dominance over each other. Each male demonstrates expressive behavior - he walks with his tail raised. The movements of the tail and the knocking of its owner is a kind of communication between members of the group.

Interesting Facts:

They can swim.

They have strong paws with which they can split nuts.

The main enemies of red-headed mangabeys are eagles and leopards.

White-collar mangabey is listed in the Red Book.