Brown, or white-shouldered Capuchin - a species of primate family of tadpoles, living in Central and South America.

The weight of an adult male is about 3 kg. Body length - 30-35 cm, tail 30-56 cm.

Capuchin monkey - almost omnivorous primate, but the main part of the diet is usually represented by insects such as ants, beetle larvae and caterpillars, as well as plant foods in the form of various fruits and berries, flowers, shoots, bark and young leaves, seeds. Bird's eggs also can become food.

The coat is mostly black, but the neck, chest, throat and shoulders are yellowish-white. The face is pink or light cream, sometimes there are dark marks above the eyes. The tail is long, suitable for grasping. At its end there is a hairless surface. Homeland Capuchin's are tropical South American forests, where these monkeys are still found in large numbers. Capuchin monkeys are grouped into groups of ten or more individuals that occupy a certain area. The main habitat of Capuchin monkeys is represented by large areas of humid tropical forest areas located in Honduras and throughout to Venezuela and southern Brazil.

Interesting fact:

Often they flavor their body, rubbing it with fragrant leaves and flowers.