Burrowing parrot

Attractive and distinctively patterned large parakeet, very local in Chile, more common in Argentina. Favors open and semiopen habitats in drier regions with banks or low bluffs nearby, where it nests colonially in burrows. Usually in small groups and often located by its nasal laughing and crowing calls. Feeds on ground and in bushes, at times perching on roadside wires. No similar species in range, but note whitish eyering and bright yellow belly with red median patch. Also introduced to Hawaii where it is uncommon and local (but may be increasing) along the western side of Hawaii Island; favors the coast, where it roosts and nests on rocky sea cliffs.

Interesting facts:

Some parrot species can live for over 80 years.

Cockatoos usually have black, grey or white plumage (feathers).

New Zealand is home to some very unique parrots including the kea, kaka and kakapo.

The Heftiest Parrot Weighs as Much as a Cat.

Parrot Feathers Contain Antibacterial Pigments.

But not all of them can fly.